Continental Line Units


The Line has active units representing all branches and aspects of the Continental Troops of the period; Continental Army Soldiers and Marines, Dragoons, Artillery, Riflemen, Militia, and the soldiers of the French Army. While all units boast a strong interest in the Revolutionary War period, each unit features unique characteristics as well as benefits for its membership - some focus on the hardcore soldier while some are more family-oriented, some allow women in ranks and some don't, some have dues that cover meals at events and some don't have dues at all.

If you are looking for a regiment, please take your time to find the best match for your particular needs and interests. Keep in mind that units generally travel long distances to events, so finding the group closest to your house may not be your best option, especially if a unit that more matches your interests attends many of the events that the closer unit does, as well.

The Continental Line is divided into three departments: Northern, Mid-Atlantic and Southern. To help coordinate the activities of the Line, each area features a Department Coordinator. If the unit does not have it's own website or e-mail address, feel free to contact the Department Coordinator for more information.

Northern Department Coordinator: Dave Bernier

List of Northern Department Units:

Mid Atlantic Department Coordinator: Tom Bowen

List of Mid-Atlantic Department Units:

The Southern Department is made up of units representing the colonies of the Carolinas and the Chesapeake. If you are interested in history and the founding of your country this is it! Check out the website of the unit closest to you. Most of us have our campaign calendar on the site. Come visit us at one of our events or better yet, JOIN and be part of the fun!!!
To General Washington, the Continental Congress, and Liberty!!! Huzzah!!!

Southern Department Coordinator: Erick Nason

List of Southern Department Units:

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