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Updated 06/04/13

Monmouth Battlefield State Park
16 Business Route 33, Manalapan, NJ 07726

-Located approximately 12 miles east of exit 8 of the NJ Turnpike on Business Route 33.
-From the NJ Garden State Parkway, take exit 123 to Route 9 south for 15 miles to business Route 33 west. Park is located 1.5 miles on the right.

General Orders, May 8th:

-Site regulations:
    --Adhere to the park's posted speed limits. 
    --Do not cut any fresh brush.
    --Fires may only be made in areas specified by the quartermaster and must always be
               supervised by the unit using it.
    --Park vehicles in designated spots only and where the staff tells you to.   
    --Alcohol is not permitted in NJ State Parks so please act responsibly.

-Safety: The safety guidelines of the Continental Line, British Brigade and Brigade of the
     American Revolution must be adhered to. 

-All participants must begin hydrating before the event on Friday and should continue to do so for the duration of the event.  Avoid soda and sugary drinks.  Water drops will be hidden on the battlefield for participants.  Regardless, no soldier will be allowed to participate in the battle scenarios unless he has a container of full container of water on his person, this is the job of the first sergeants to ensure.  A period correct canteen is preferred though even a plastic bottle in a haversack or pack would suffice. 
Should you feel weak or shaky while in formation do yourself and your comrades a big favor and tell your sergeant or platoon commander that you need to sit down.  Take a breather, open your coat, remove your stock & hat, and drink water.  There is absolutely no shame in taking proper precautions.                

-No boxes, chairs, tables, lantern stands (anything that a soldier wouldn't have carried on his back) will be permitted in any part of camp other than in the dining fly lines during public hours.  Remember we are portraying Washington’s army on the march, if you cannot carry it on your person then leave it at home is the first option, the second is to keep these items under your dining fly or in your tent until camp closes.    The Quartermaster Staff will be going through the camps each morning to ensure that these items are removed from site.

-No lighted lanterns are to be used within enclosed tents.  A couple of tents were burned down in the 1980’s at an event at Monmouth, so it does happen.

-No straw bales will be permitted in camp beginning on Saturday morning.  Loose straw must be placed inside tents or gathered at the ends of the company streets.  No straw is to be used around the outside of the tents.  Placing straw around the bottom of the tent does not keep the water out or the wind, it is much more effective when placed INSIDE the tent.  Any loose bales of straw will be picked up by the site staff and returned.

-Clothing: Units are requested to dress as their unit did during the Spring/Summer of 1778 (no late-war items).  If unable or unsure we ask that your unit wear hunting shirts, militia being the exception.  This request is not designed to keep folks from attending, as it's designed only to help convey the appearance of troops who were present at this battle.  Officers are expected to wear their coats at all formations.      

-Officers and NCO selection:  Only those who've been told prior to the event that they'll be functioning as an officer or NCO should expect to portray one.  Unless told otherwise, every man will be expected to portray a private.  All platoon lieutenants are to bring their private’s kit and musket with them, in case the number of men in the company has reduced to a point where the smaller platoons must be combined into a more effective larger platoon.  It is more effective to have a single larger platoon then two weak smaller ones.

-Only those who have been notified that they'll be portraying officers will be allowed to pitch wall tents, the exception being the "laboratory" tents of the artillery park.  Only field grade officers may erect marquees.    
-The Quartermaster Staff will be on site to provide guidance as to where the tents shall be placed.  Please inform your members that when they arrive they will be told where to place their tent, we will start filling in the front row FROM THE BATTALION CENTER OUTWARDS first before moving on to the next row.  If your members want to be tented next to each other then tell them to wait until their friend has arrived and then set up the tent, NO SPACES ARE TO BE RESERVED FOR LATER ARRIVALS.  The QM staff will have put in a lot of time and effort by the time people arrive, so please help them out and do what they instruct you to do.

-Participants are asked to use the established chain of command prior to and during the event.  Information will flow down via the administrative officers.  Individual concerns should be directed toward your company's 1st sergeant and/or company commander who should address or report the issue to the next echelon.   

-Officers commanding line platoons must arm themselves with swords and spontoons.  Please review the Prussian manual for coming to the order, shoulder, and saluting with spontoons.  These have been sent to the battalion commanders for distribution to all infantry officers.
-During public hours, troops will be expected to render respects to superior commissioned officers:
--If under arms, standing still: Shoulder firelocks until superior has passed by. 
--If under arms, walking: Shoulder firelocks and march until you've passed the superior.
--Without arms: Remove your hat with your left hand and bring it down to your left side, crown facing outward until superior has passed. 

-Guards will render respects in the following manner:
--If a subaltern (Ensign, Lieutenant, Captain) passes by: Shoulder Firelocks, returning to Order Firelocks once superior has passed.
--If a field grade officer (Major, Colonel) or body of troops flying colors: Present Arms, returning to the order once the officer or colors have passed.

- Every soldier needs to ensure that they have two box loads of rounds with them for each tactical.
The scenarios will be longer then in the past and we will be firing more than in the past.  The
spare rounds need to be securely wrapped up and kept in either the pack or haversack until
needed.  We will be firing will pushing the British across the field and we will be firing as they push us back across the field, so we will be firing a great deal.  Those NCOs that will not be firing should bring the same amount of rounds as they can be given out to those firing in case they run out.

Ice Delivery:
-20 pound bags of ice will be available for $5.  Wemrock Farms’ truck will make stops at the Continental camp at these times: Saturday at 8:30AM and 6:00PM , Sunday at 8:30AM

March-in Scenario:
-A volunteer 3-mile march tracing Washington’s route to the battle will occur on Saunday morning. All interested people must be ready and assembled in the parking lot to catch the shuttle bus at 7:30AM. 
-Requirements for marchers:
--You must be well hydrated the day before and morning of the march.  Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks.
--You must be well rested.  Don't make Saturday night a late one.
--Every person must have a full container of water, hopefully a proper reproduction.  At the very least, a hidden plastic bottle.
--Your footwear must fit properly, be broken in and comfortable.  Socks (or even 2 pair) must be worn to avoid blisters.  Part of the march will be on pavement and part will be on earth so plan accordingly.  
--Everyone must be present and ready for the 12:15PM formation for battle.  There should be enough time to make it back to camp, eat, rest and hydrate in time for formation.