The Continental Line, Inc., established in 1987 and incorporated in 1995, is a non-profit educational organization of recreated units representing the Continental Army, the various colonial militias, the Continental Navy, the Continental Marines, and units in the service of the French King during the American Revolution.

The Line, organized to promote a better knowledge and understanding among its member units and the general public of that period in the history of the United States during which our nation won its independence from Great Britain, assembles units from South Carolina to New Hampshire to share in public battle scenarios, 18th Century diversions, as well as various aspects and interpretations of a soldierís life during the The American Revolution.

225th Celebration
The place to check for information concerning upcoming 225th reenactments
Continental Line Event Schedule
Touting some of the largest Revolutionary War re-enactments on the continent, the Continental Line may be coming to a historic site near you!
Continental Line Units
Looking for a unit in your area? Start here!
How The Continental Line Works
Find out what makes The Continental Line successful - both on and off the field.
Getting Involved In Re-enacting
What is a re-enactor? What does it take to get started as a re-enactor? Here youíll find some tips for finding a regiment, getting your kit together, and learning more about living history and the period the Line portrays.
Excerpts from, THE CONTINENTAL SOLDIER, the quarterly newsletter of The Continental Line
If thereís one thing to say about a bunch of historians, itís that they truly enjoy sharing their knowledge. Explore unique historical topics covered in scholarly detail, as well as hints and tips from other re-enactors.

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