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225th Anniversary of the American Revolution 

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Updated August 9, 2000


This year, we started to commemoration of the 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution.  Many of us participated at events in Lexington and Concord Massachusetts.  In June, 10 of us hiked from Cambridge Commons to Breed's Hill to commemorate the Battle of Bunker Hill.   As we look forward this year, the Southern Department has two 1775 commemorations planned.  In the 2001, White Plains looks to be the next major event.  But it is a long time from April 2000 to October 2001.   


The 225th commemorations are only going to happen if units step forward and say that wish to host an event.  This year, Regiment de Saintonge, 2nd Massachusetts, 10th Massachusetts, 1st Virginia, and 7th Virginia have volunteered to host 225th commemorations. 


Below is an outlined list of events that happened 225 years ago and potential events that commemorate that activity. If you see a potential event that you may be interested in hosting please contact your department coordinator.


1775/2000 Campaign Year

10/15/1775                  Norfolk VA – The 1st & 7th VA are hosting 225th

                                  commemoration at Endview Plantation in

                                  Norfolk, VA on 9/30 – 10/1/2000

12/4/1775                    Great Bridge VA – The 7th VA is hosting the

                                   225th commemoration at Great Bridge, VA on 


Early December       Knox Trail - contact is Sean Kelleher


1776/2001 Campaign Year

1/27 - 28/1776             Wilmington, NC

2/1/1776                      Quebec, CA

2/27/1776                    (Widow) Moore's Creek Bridge, NC

3/2 - 27/1776               Dorchester Heights, MA

3/7/1776                      Battle of the Rice Boats, Hutchinson's Island, Savannah, GA

3/17/1776                     Boston, evacuated by the British, MA

4/18/1776                    Sandy Point, VA

5/6/1776                      Plains of Abraham, Quebec, CA

6/8/1776                      Three Rivers (Trois Rivieres) Quebec, CA

6/10/1776                    Dover   , DE

6/28 - 29/1776             Fort Sullivan, Sullivan's Island, SC – The 2nd SC is hosting an event at Ft Moultrie and the Battle at the Breach, Sullivan’s Island  in Charleston Harbor – 6/23 –24/01

7/4/1776                      Declaration of Independence Philadelphia, PA – The 2nd SC is hosting an event in Washington, DC on 6/ 30 –7/1/01

7/8 - 10/1776               Gwynn's Island, Chesapeake Bay VA – The 7th VA is planning on hosting an event

8/27/1776                    Long Island (Bushwick, or Brooklyn), NY – The BAR is planning August 18-19: Battle of Brooklyn, Fort Hamilton/ Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY

8/28/1776                    Jamaica (Brookland, Carpenter's House), NY – The BAR is planning September 15-16: Battle of Harlem Heights, St. Nicholas Park/Hamilton Grange, New York, NY

8/29 -30/1776              Americans evacuate Long Island, NY

9/6/1776                      Governor's Island, NY

9/6/1776                      Fort George     NC

9/15/1776                               Kip's Bay,  British Troops Occupy New York City, NY –

10/11/1776                            Mouth of the Hockhocking River at Ohio River, OH

10/11 - 13/1776                  Valcour Island, naval engagement (Lake Champlain), NY

10/14/1776                           Crown Point, NY

10/15/1776                            Staten Island, NY – The BAR is planning for July 28-29: British Occupation  of Staten Island, Historic Richmond Town, Staten Island NY

10/18/1776                            Pell's Point (Pelham Manor, New Rochelle), NY - The BAR is planning October 20-21: Landings at Pell's Point, St. Paul's Church, Mount Vernon NY

10/22/1776                  Mamaroneck, NY

10/27/1776                  White Plains, NY – A proposed CL event as part of the Big Three Partnership.  The BAR is the lead organization in planning October 27-28: Battle of White Plains, Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, Lewisboro NY

11/16/1776                            Fort Washington, NY

11/20/1776                            Fort Lee, NJ – A BAR is planning November 17-18: Fall of Fort Lee, Fort Lee Historical Park, Fort Lee NJ

12/26/1776                  Trenton, NJ – An independent group is planning Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware – Details will be forth coming.


1777/2002 Campaign Year

1/6/77 - 5/28/77         Winter Encampment: Main Army under Washington, Morristown NJ

1/3/1777                      Princeton, NJ – This is part of the event being

                                   planned with Trenton

3/6/1777                      Elizabethtown, NJ 

3/23/1777                     Peekskill Raid, NY

4/25 - 27/1777              Danbury Raid, CT

5/23/1777                     Sag Harbor, NY

5/31/1777                     Fall River, MA

6/14/1777                    Bordentown, NJ 

6/16/1777                    Crown Point, NY

6/29/1777                    Westchester County,  NY  

7/2 or 3/1777               Machias, ME 

7/2 - 5/1777                 Ticonderoga (Mt. Independence), NY

7/6/1777                      Skenesboro NY

7/6/1777                      Castleton VT 

7/7/1777                      Hubbardton VT – There is an independent group working on planning a series of campaign events involving the Northern Campaign

7/10/1777                    Newport RI 

7/27/1777                    Fort Edward NY  

8/3 - 22/1777               Fort Schuyler (Fort Stanwix), NY - The

                                   National Park Service is planning a good size 

                                   event on 8/3-4/02 at the Fort Stanwix National

                                   Monument.  Lead organizations are the 3rd NY

                                   Nicholson's Company and the King's Royal

                                   Regiment of New York.

8/6/1777                      Oriskany, NY

8/16/1777                    Bennington Raid, VT – There is an independent group working on planning a series of campaign events involving the Northern

9/11/1777                    Brandywine, PA – There has been some groundwork laid on planning this event.

9/19/1777                    Saratoga I (Stillwater or Freeman's Farm) NY –There is a group working with the NPS on this event.  It will be a small interpretive focused event with no large battles.  For more information contact Sean Kelleher

9/21/1777                    Paoli Massacre, PA

10/4/1777                    Germantown, PA – There has been some groundwork laid on planning this event.

10/6/1777                    Forts Clinton & Montgomery – The BAR is looking at some event to focus on the Forts at West Point and to celebrate the 200th Year of the Service Academy

10/7 - 17/1777             Saratoga II (Bemis Heights or Stillwater) NY –

                                   see above

10/10 - 11/15/1777      Fort Mifflin, Mud Island, Delaware River    PA

10/17/1777                  Saratoga, surrender of Gen. Burgoyne, NY

10/22 - 11/21/1777      Fort Mercer (Red Bank), NJ

12/19/77 - 6/18/78    Winter Encampment: Main Army under

                                  Washington Valley Forge, PA


The listings above are based on the work of the John K. Robertson and recreated events that have been mentioned to the 225th. 

Lighting Freedom’s Flame


Self governance – freedom.  What an idea.  This seems very normal to all of us today.  But in the 18th Century – the Age of Enlightment – this was a new concept.  To form a country not based on a feudal system but based on a belief system.  The belief in freedom and self- determination.  This is a radical change in the world history.  This is our heritage, this is our legacy, and to be perfectly honest, I believe it is what makes us great as a people. 


This light of freedom which was light by the political theory and actions of these farmers and laborers in the colonies in the later part of the 18th Century still is alive today.  As living historians – or reinactors, we share a hobby that is great fun – we as the participants have a wonderful time… but there is more to this hobby than that.  I would say that we play an important role in informal education about our country’s heritage.  Today, many in my generation and younger have no experience with war – other than watching CNN and playing Nitendo.  We do not know the sacrifices made by common men fighting to keep this ideal of freedom alive.  But though living history events – we can keep our heritage alive.  We can remind people about the sacrifices made to light Freedom’s Flame. 


Recently, many of us celebrated 225th Commeration of  Lexington and Concord.  This is the first time these events have been recreated in their historic order.  It was a wonderful time.  We put this on with a volunteer corp of 1400 living historians.  These folks had risen to the challenge of putting together the clothing and accoutrements of a Minuteman or a British Redcoat.   To me, this event provides us, the living historians with an opportunity to build something special for ourselves, our community, our nation and our children. April 19th is an icon in American History and we had school children and scouts from around the country coming to watch us make history come alive.  This is important stuff.   As reenactors we spend many weekends sharing our love for history with others; but here is an opportunity for us to share our love for history and the sacrifices that these common men made with a crowd of 150,000 to 200,000 on the ground that it actually happen.  This event is important to many of us: And most of all it is important for those school children and scouts who will walk away from this event with a little glimmer of what history was like and the sacrifices made by our forefathers. We worked on personalizing history, the living historians took the time to answer the questions of the children or adult and pose for photos.  We wanted people to leave with a feeling and a connection with their history.  It does not matter what ethnic group you are, if you are new to the country or came over on the mayflower.  This is all our heritage – this is a remembrance and celebration of those sacrifices that were made to light freedom’s flame.


Now, I have one request of you.  We have some special days coming up.  I ask that you light a lantern or a candle and put it in the window of your house.  Reflect on the actions of these common men, 225 years ago.  The sacrifices and risks they took to help secure our freedom.  There actions help brighten Freedom’s Flame.  We all need to remember their actions - We as need to embrace these special days, honor them, and share them with others. That is what living history is about. This is our common Legacy, this is America, this is the light of freedom!


During this year some special dates to light lanterns include:

6/17/1775 Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill), MA

9/25/1775 Montreal, QU

10/18/1775 Chambly, QU

12/31/1775 Quebec, QU